Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Duck, Duck, Duck, Mormon.
(The Lucky Ones)

We got back last night from the Annual Outerbanks getaway. I think there were over 500 single Mormons vacationing in the Outer Banks, NC this weekend. KK and I rented a beach house and 12 people stayed there. The beach house was great, not too fancy, close to the water, in a neighborhood that was pretty quiet. On Saturday we went to the volleyball tournament, everyone hangs together at the beach. It was fun. Sunday, church and then down to Hatteras. The weather was stormy but my highlight was seeing a stingray or skate sillouhetted in the waves. That was cool. Came back and ate awesomely good seafood. Monday, Kell went to the beach early. I didn't get into the water, but slept on the sand and watched dolphins.

Coming back:
We encountered a rainshower, Kelli got a "parking ticket," ducttape on her car's tire, the service engine light went on and her trunk doesn't shut anymore.

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