Thursday, June 10, 2004

I walked over to see the procession on Wednesday June 9
Saying goodbye to Gipper---

We got there at 4:30 or so. Some of the people around us had been there since 11:00. It was almost surreal walking down an empty Constitution Ave. We were standing next to the street at 16th and Constitution. Saw the casket removed from the hearse, Nancy got out, the casket was moved to the carriage. When Nancy got out the crowd started clapping for a good three minutes or so. After the casket was moved from the hearse to the limo--people saluted the casket. The riderless horse and his "escort" got into place. There were a lot of powerful images, I'm sure you saw it on tv.

Just when the carriage pulled in front of us, and the hearse was just down the street a little girl, about three screamed "horsey, horsey, horsey!"

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