Saturday, November 04, 2006

Another Reason MySpace is Cool

I recently stumbled upon Fred Armisen's MySpace page and was a little astonished to realize that he's doing the upkeep himself. He's also blogging intermittently and on the page I found gems like this:

"I made up a word to describe the feeling. Bittersweet. Use it as much as you want. "

I haven't had a chance to check out the videos, but go check it out, or as Fred says describing The Mary Timony Band:

"Mary is such a great songwriter and guitar player, check out her music if you can. Or want to. You know what I mean. I just didn't know what to write after saying how great she is."


Anonymous said...

I seriously love him... and secretly think he's hot!

My favorite skit is when he's the deaf guy telling racy jokes on Weekend Update. The man must be coached on his signs or something, because he's actually using ASL when he does it! That's impressive.

Sherpa said...

Yeah, I think he's hot too.