Sunday, March 29, 2009

What Kelli has been up to since February 9

Kelli, my roommate and sometimes best friend, hasn't blogged since February 9th. Her brother has been staying and made the comment that they know more about what's going on in my life then Kelli's because I blog regularly. Well, I decided I'd keep them up to date with what's going on with Kelli.

Week of February 9, 2009:
Kelli was inspired by her last post and went to practice the Spanish she learned in the sketch in Mexico. Unfortunately for her, the only part she remembered was the part about the bomb--while we were going through security. Luckily, we were able to rescue her, and she even went back to the airport later that night to pick up her brother.
Week of February 16, 2009:
Still in Mexico, she bought a hammock, and developed a mild obsession for Octopus tacos.

Week of February 23, 2009:
Back in DC, Kelli attempted to make Octopus tacos. The Octopus fought back.

Week of March 2, 2009:
After being defeated by the Octopus, Kelli decided she needed to make a change in her life. She thought about getting an octopus tattoo, but the shame was still too strong. Many ideas were thought about, most started with the letter S.

Week of March 9, 2009:
Step 1 of getting in killer (well, killer octopus) shape was to get out the Nike Ipod. The battery in the nike ipod attachment was dead, so Apple sent her a replacement and 19 more. She decided to sell the 19 on the street, but the streets of Del Ray aren't really hopping for that kind of black market goods.

Week of March 16, 2009:
In great spirits, Kelli attended her first roller derby. By the end of the match, she had her roller derby name down to "Secretary of Skate" Number 44 or "Nancy Hate" Number CNN3.

Week of March 23, 2009
Kelli spent the week working on her burgeoning roller derby career. By the end of the week, she made the realization that true derby girls don't have blue and brown bedroom walls. Her walls are now a kick a$$ yellow.

That should pretty much catch you up with what's going on in Kelli's life. Oh, I forgot to mention her audition as Nancy Grace's understudy. Next time maybe.


Brenda said...

THANK YOU for this post. We feel like we've lost a family member; we never hear from her. We don't know if she's alive, except we'd anticipate your blogging about a funeral if one had happened. So, this fan is asking for an occasional Kelli update.

I've been brainstorming for all the S words that I could think up that might pertain to Kelli's change in lifestyle: School, Savannah (Georgia), Sardines, Sushi, Sex, Sunshine, Singing, I anywhere close?

Sherpa said...

Brenda-I was just telling one of my co-workers that when Kelli and I split up (When you own that much stuff together, I think it constitutes a break up), I'm only going to hear from her when she wants to travel.

You've got several right:
I think they were: salads, sports, socializing, swimming, and I'm missing one or two. Let's just say sex or snorkeling.

Brenda said...

Sherpa: when that break-up happens, I'm sure you'll get plenty of Travel Calls. About the the co-owned stuff....Meg was just lamenting that Dave got to play the Wii (or whatever it was that you two have). She's royally bummed.

If I know Kel, she's thinking about snorkeling.

Sherpa said...

Brenda-Funny, that Wii is practically the only thing in the apartment that is just mine. 5 months of hassling with our government travel office to get the money from a trip? I decided to spend it on a wii. Ask Dave about the "World of Goo."

Yeah, I'm pretty sure it was snorkeling too. Actually, it was Spanish-not sex or snorkeling.

Daisy Paige said...

My derby name is O.C.D.iva but I'm not a skater, just a producer right now.

Go Kelli!