Friday, February 21, 2014


This week, my parents were watching the Olympics together. Johnny Weir was on tv and my dad asked my mom, "Is he a little gay?"  My mom replied not missing a beat, "Yes, Johnny Weir is a little gay."
Love Johnny Weir, and love my dad.
Johnny Weir

Great piece in the New York Times about Johnny Weir's NBC Olympic figure skating team and why they may be better than Scott Hamilton's NBC Olympic figure skating team.  I don't know about you, but I'd love to hear a different group of individuals announce the next Olympics.  


Nicole Heiner said...

yes, please new announcers. that lady that talks with scott Hamilton is HORRIBLE. rich and I will never forget one of her lines about pleshnko (okay I can't spell obviously). she said "HE DESERVES TO BE ARROGANT" Isn't that terrible. I mean, arrogance is caused by people thinking they deserve to feel that way! how dumb.

Flora Dcosta said...

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Joy Buhler said...

Scott actually is my least favorite of the three, even with that "arrogant" comment. Scott toned it after the first couple of nights, but what this article alludes to but is too polite to state...Scott Hamilton called several skaters performances wrong throughout the Olympics. I'd love to hear another team who is more respectful, courteous, and technical call the Olympics in 2018.

That arrogant comment was thoughtless and really bothered my mom.

The ironic thing about Plushenko, was I didn't really see an arrogant man this go-round. I don't think Plushenko was arrrogant at all during this Olympics. Most people despised Plushenko in 2010, but almost everyone seemed to be rooting for him this go-round and were very sad when he pulled out of the Olympics.

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