Monday, February 10, 2014

Quote of the Day: Dangerous Creativity

“…creativity is dangerous. We cannot open ourselves to new insight without endangering the security of our prior assumptions. We cannot propose new ideas without risking disapproval and rejection. Creative achievement is the boldest initiative of mind, an adventure that takes its hero simultaneously to the rim of knowledge and the limits of propriety. Its pleasure is not the comfort of a safe harbor, but the thrill of the reaching sail.” -Robert Grudin in The Grace of Great Things *
Thanks Janette!

*The first quote by Lenin in this article is not a complete quote, but rather, someone condensed it, therefore the quote is incomplete.  

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Nicole Heiner said...

love this! I listened to something recently that said something like: kids are innately creative because they ARE NOT AFRAID TO BE WRONG. when we grow up we lose that. we start to fear being wrong. your quote goes along with that (: thanks for sharing.