Thursday, February 06, 2014

The best laid schemes o' mice an' men*

Thanks to Garrison Keillor's, "The Writers Almanac," I learned that one of my treasured books (read it when I was 12 on a drive from Moab to Vernal in the shell of our pickup truck, finished it, and then immediately read it again), "Of Mice and Men," was published on this day in 1937. Steinbeck's puppy, Toby, chewed up half the manuscript.  Check out Steinbeck's reaction to his pup making confetti of his manuscript.

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Joy Buhler said...

Ah, my paragraph structure here is a little weak. Maybe I'll expand on this sketch, and talk more about how I received this copy of Of Mice and Men, (My aunt Brenda-LaMar's first/ex-wife), and how my dad handed me of Mice and Men and said, "I hated this book, you have to read it (my dad did that more than once).