Sunday, March 13, 2005

Of Milestones and Semis

I completed a milestone yesterday. My second to last class finished yesterday. Well, I still have a comprehensive takehome to complete by a week from Tuesday. I should have known the day to be anti climatic when I turned left to pull into the school parking lot and was playing chicken with a semi. I put on my brakes, made sure I was in the right lane, (the right one) and went around that semi. I was surprsed to see a semi on that side street let alone in the wrong lane! Class went well, my presentation was first and thats all we did was listen to eachother's presentations.

I arrived home after class to find my roommates itching to go out to dinner. This is somewhat momentous, the last time we all went out to eat was my b-day in January. (last time I went with them). Red Robin, home of the bottomless steak fries.

Later we went to a party for a few minutes. We were supposed to wear something we normally don't wear. We came in regular clothes. Later, I realized my vintage 1976 t-shirt iron transfer book came. Missed Opportunity!!!

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