Tuesday, March 08, 2005

So Many Planes
My parents visited this past week, and mentioned several times that they wanted to see the new Air and Space Museum out by Dulles Airport. The museum is simply one huge hangar that houses the Smithsonian's collection of airplanes, rockets, missiles, a spaceship, and helicopters. At first, it was really cool seeing a Concord, a space shuttle, the wwii aircraft, and then there was the missile display. Blegh. I decided at that point, it was a "guy" museum, actually I consider the Air and Space Museum on the mall a "guy" museum, but that has interactive displays. We weren't even allowed to walk in the planes. You can do that on the mall. However, its worth seeing this Smithsonian Hangar. And true to the nature of the Smithsonian, there was a display of china. Because it can't be a Smithsonian museum without that indescript glass case showing off china.

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