Tuesday, March 29, 2005

There's a place for us: The weekend

So, I almost always have no clue what I'm going to be doing on Friday afternoon. By the time I leave Friday at work I have some semblance of an idea (yes i'm tired, Nelli) and when I tell my friends what i've been up to on Sunday or Monday they always comment on my busy weekend even though I think its chill.

So we would have a "good friday" we got off at three. I met Nelli at Dupont to catch Melinda and Melinda, the newest Woody Allen feature. I thought it was okay. As always, I fell a little more in love with Will Ferrell. Well, I don't think falling in love is the exact correct phrase. Maybe just more feelings of giddyness and laughter when I watch him? Afterwards, the night was still young so we walked down to Metro Center and said goodbye to Nelli's suit at Ann Taylor. She's going to Europe and can't justify the cost even though its a beautiful suit and fit her perfectly. Afterwards I asked kindly if we could go to H&M where I bought a spring skirt. That night we watched basketball.

Saturday, was another gray day. Out here in DC, spring and winter is grey. At least early spring. I ended up running errands with Nelli in preparation for the easter dinner we threw with our roommates. That evening, we went over to Maura's b-day dinner at oyamel. Oyamel specializes in tapa sized mexican food and little tacos. Jadam informed me he was coming over to teach me to play poker. I wasn't sure about it,as I don't really like poker but it was fun to see him again. Afterwards we ended up watching LA Confidential. A movie that was amazing but I don't need to see it again.

Easter Sunday! Nell came to church with us. I ended up getting a calling. Compassionate Service Committee. That might be fun. Our dinner on Sunday went off well, due to my roommates' mad cooking and preparation skills. I fled a few times when the death penalty was being debated, but we had great guests. One informed us we needed to have dinners like that more often. Afterwards we watched GOOD basketball games and Arrested Development.

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