Thursday, April 14, 2005

Life Lulls for months and then shifts into sixty in no time.

Well, its been a week and I realized that I want to blog the latest curveball thats been thrown my way. I work for the Federal Government as in the Student Career Experience Program. The deal I had with the previous director was that I would graduate and then possibly get a promotion in the office I work in. However, the office is small and I was informed a week ago that I should start looking for another position in the government much to the chagrin of my supervisor. I would get references from my director but essentially, I educated myself out of my job.

Which is okay, I like where I am but its been time to move on as my position is basically clerical and the office is very small. The past week has been a whirlwind as I went to the temple on Friday for the first time in several months, fasted on Sunday, have spent countless hours on usajobs applying and contacting personnel officers. The cool thing about my position that I am in is that I can just be slid into a position without competing and the position does not have to be advertised. I also have been wanting to move back closer to home (Vernal, Utah) and this gives me a possible opportunity to do that as soon as June or July, a few short months!

Oh, and that strange "mole" on my back has disappeared entirely, but has healed very nicely.

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