Thursday, November 23, 2006

I'm thankful that this is my 668th post....

My list of 50 in no particular order:

1. My pez dispenser, and lemon pez candies.
2. little healthy, crushes. Not the obsessive ones from afar, but the ones that you know, talk to and are friends with.
3. non-comformists and creative peeps.
4. My friends and their babies—seeing their lives transformed by their rugrats.
5. A gruff voice on the other end of the line yelling for his “Red.”
6. Mouse, my ipod
7. The security guard who tells me goodnight every evening and calls me sweetie, but not every day (so I don’t take it for granted, I feel).
8. A roommate I can hear at every end of the house, wherever she may be.
9. The kindness of strangers
10. The Joker
11. Trader Joes
12.People who rather then tell you how awesome they are, or how much they know, simply be, and in just that simple way they are more awesome and knowledgeable then those that flaunt.
13. A cookie, a glass of milk, and their two biggest fans (my siblings)
14. The strive to not accept complacency
15. Jeter, and his biggest fans.
16. My HenchMeg
17. The Blonde James Bond.
18. Walt Whitman. And his niece.
19. A Mom who e-mails me only to tell me about her latest music find (Il Divo).
20. My only grandparent left. She taught me early that happiness or misery is a choice every day, and to not to lose the awe and happiness in the little things. My other Grandparents too, especially my Grandma who has been gone almost 3 years. I miss her, but memories make me smile.
21. The little things
22. Friends who accept who for who you are.
23. Liza Minelli and her biggest fan I know (not me, you hoo)
24. Disco Baby Jesus and his owner
25. Masters of war fixations
26. A good job, a good boss, and a good paycheck.
27. Trader Joes
28.The other JB in ‘da house.
29. Public Library Tuesdays
30. Simple optimism
31. Little acts of selflessness
32. You are dearer to me than myself---that is love (romantic and platonic) in one phrase.
33. Witnessing several guys’ closure, and being able to see them move on and marry.
34. My bum left ankle, and the lessons it teaches me every day (that have taken me 3+ years to learn)
35. My little brothers, by birth and by claim. Even though they are both much bigger than me physically, they’ll always be the lil’ bros.
36. The DC Metro system.
37. Being burglarized. Totally sucked, but some good may have came out of it.
38. Street tacos in Mexico (okay really, Spanish, latinos, latino food and culture)
39. Working in a 30’s deco building 2 blocks from the White House.
40. A feather bed.
41. Springer Spaniels—even the suicidal one in Utah .
42. Realizing what makes others happy
43. Heidelberg bakery
44. simply divine little movies
45. commuters bundled up in all arrays of winter and fall gear.
46. writing and writers
47. A $5.00 backpack thats on its second winter.
48. The last leaves holding on to dear life…contrasted with a black thunderstorm in the not so distance, and bleak trees who have shed for the winter.
49. Playing soccer with the guys and realizing how much I missed it.
50. Seeing the little kids of the Admin support here in the building.

Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving


Anonymous said...

I do so love pez. Really. Happy Thanksgiving.

Rae said...

happy Thanksgiving Sherpa...hope you had a blast in PA!

Boo said...

You are a better person than I. Instead of being grateful this morning I was pissed someone was parked in MY space. Its a shame I had forgotten the true purpose of this holiday.
Thanks for the reminder :)
PS I love blonde Bond too!