Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Desktop Inventory

I moved offices yesterday here at work, and this morning I took a look at my new surroundings and thought I'd paint a mental inventory (because I'm too lazy to get my cellphone camera out) of my desk for my post today. I'm in a cubicle with a wraparound desk counter. On my desk of note is an unplugged cd-alarm clock, a banged up Eddie Bauer coffee travel mug(mmm, herbal tea), an Aflac stuffed animal duck, a Snoopy christmas card, a small beaded indian elephant perched on top of my monitor, an unopened can of sprite, toothpick holder, a green (cross between grass green and lime) t-shirt, a Berry Petroleum Company water bottle, and underneath my desk is a copy of Juiced by Jose Canseco. You?

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erinannie said...

On my desk...
On the "happy shelf" we have an award presented to our company before I worked here, a picture of my sister and me with faux Elton John and Cher, Darth Tater, and an alien drinking cup from New Orleans pre-Katrina. Also several stickers from various NRA-like organizations. On the rest of my very cluttered desk- about 30 magazines I keep stacking up and will never have time to read, 2 calendars, 3 boxes of hanging folders I will never have time to organize and put away, a candle I'm not allowed to light, but it helps mask the smell of flatulence from the cubicle next to mine, 3 cans of Diet Dr P- one opened, and a package (XL) of sugar wafer cookies sent as a Christmas gift, and last but not least, a piece of chocolate that used to be in the shape of a pistol, but all that currently remains is the end of the muzzle. All hidden amongst so many piles of papers and forms I will never see the color of my desktop again.