Monday, December 18, 2006

This weekend I was pretty much laid out with a cold (dr. says bronchitis mom, I'm on a z-pack) but I took the opportunity to watch most of season 1 of Sports Night. I've been meaning to finally watch Sorkin's short-lived, much hyped sitcom. After watching all of season one, and half of season 2, I'll say of his three shows, West Wing starts off the strongest, but this is a solid number 2. Studio 60 is still floundering a little (but had a very solid last couple of episodes). As always, Felicity Huffman rocks, the ensemble cast is rock-steady. Good show.
Thanks to Youtube, here's an episode from season one.


Rachel said...

I love Sports Night. My dad got me hooked on them. I love Felicity Huffman and the actor who plays Jeremy. They make me laugh.

SJ said...

I sympathize on the cold. It was a doozy last week. Zicam and lots of water got me through it.

I've seen Stuido 60, wish I had more time to watch it (roommate and boyfriend always seem to be making out in that's a little awkward to come in and try to watch something). I really like the quick wit dialogue.

Sherpa said...

You know its online, right? Just google nbc studio 60 and you can watch the previous episode online on the nbc website.