Monday, January 08, 2007

A little walk down memory lane.


Boo said...

I can't believe I forgot the King's birthday. You are incredible.

Laurie said...

My mother would NEVER let me forget Elvis' birthday. I was reminded of it every year. The sad thing is, on one of those E! True Hollywood Story episodes today, they talked in depth about Elvis' drug use, eventual insanity, and death. What a lovely thing to have broadcast on your birthday!

I really have to stop watching that channel. But, you know... I do it for the Fafarazzi points!!

Lucy Stern said...

Yes, today is the Kings birthday...He was such a talented person. I still remember the day he died, I was so shocked. Oh well, Happy Birthday Elvis.

Dainon said...

If I were to time-travel backwards, this is the era I'd choose to see the King in. He was absolutely in his prime. And this was the song I was gonna choose to post, so you win.

Ever hear Cartman sing this song?

Sherpa said...

Dainon, from an "Elvis master" like you--that's a big compliment. ;)

This version of "In the Ghetto" has been a fave since I discovered my mom's 8 track of this show and listened to it. a lot.

I was going to post Dylan's tribute song to Elvis, but I thought why do that when I can post the King himself.

Cartman, who is Cartman?
Oh yeah, Cartman singing this is true South Park Genius. True bliss.

Laurie, I remember my mom bringing up what they were doing when they heard on the radio that Elvis died, but I don't remember bringing up the birthday. I think remembering someone who is deceased birthday is kind of cool.