Thursday, January 25, 2007

Spotlight Music

The biggest news on the music scene is that the summer festivals are starting to announce their lineups (I'm thinking of going to the pitchfork festival in Chicago, and would love to go to Bonnaroo--maybe this year) and the Shin's new release.
The rumored Bonaroo lineup this year makes me drool, and you too. Included are:

The Police
Bob Dylan
Pearl Jam
Tom Waits
Willie Nelson
Modest Mouse
The Black Crowes
Ryan Adams
My Morning Jacket
Arcade Fire
TV on the Radio
The Shins
The Roots
The Decemberists
Cat Power
Band of Horses
Neko Case
The Hold Steady
Earl Scuggs
M. Ward
Cold War Kids

The only problem is I'm headed Bonaroo way in May. Memphis and Nashville (Meccas) in one epic roadtrip. Woo hoo!

Anyway, I've yet to buy the Shins album, but I'm sure I will as the singles I've heard off of it are exactly whats expected from the shins: Highly crafted pop hooks. Here's my big 3 for this week:

Camera O
On Monday night, Kelli, Jenny, Jason, Jenny's friend and I met up at the 930 club for the Camera Obscura show. First thing, the smoking ban makes a huge difference at this venue. The air was clean, no smoky clothes to throw in a corner at the end of the night, and no allergy colds the next day. Very nice. The opening band was "Essex Green," and although they sounded pleasant, pulled some good hooks and were pretty tight-they were kind of forgettable. The bass player did have major rock star hair which was cool, but the biggest problem is when they talked between sets. I wasn't really digging on their banter although the drummer was pretty funny. One of the girls in the band made a remark that was insensitive at best, and borderline racist at worst. Not real cool.
Camera Obscura wasn't real high energy, but they were a lot of fun to watch. The band sounded good, and mowed through most of their songs from their 2006 album, "Let's Get Out of this Country." They sounded great, and with that scottish accent, could talk all day in my opinion.

Lloyd, are you ready to be Heartbroken-Camera Obscura-MP3

Let's Get out of this Country-Camera Obscura-MP3

The pic is courtesy of Information Leaf Blower who was there with a camera.

So, I blogged about Wilco last week, and even posted the lyrics to this song, but I thought I'd kick this dead horse a few more times and throw another shoutout to the ep, and specifically, the song "There's a Magazine called Sunset," which I can't seem to stop listening to. Apparently, this song was part of the Yankee Hotel Foxtrot Demos. Several bloggers have declared this to be Wilco's best song ever. I don't know if I'd go that far, but its a gem that shouldn't be missed. At least if you like good music.

Magazine Called Sunset-Wilco-MP3

Sufjan Stevens

Free Sufjan Stevens tickets will be available at the Kennedy Center for a Feb 6 Kennedy Center Concert. I can't decide if I like Sufjan (I'm a casual fan) enough to get there early to grab tickets. If only all decisions in life were like this...
John Wayne Gacy, Jr.-Sufjan Stevens-MP3

Note: These are all downloadable links. just right click the link, hit "save target as" and follow the instructions.


Lucy Stern said...

Good luck with all your festivals...It sounds like fun..

Dainon said...

Run, don't walk, to get tix to see the Suf. If only to go in my (our?) stead. Free tix? Are you kidding me? Apathy, be gone!

Was gonna go to Camera Obscura, but I'm more a casual fan of them, so I opted out. Dang.

SJ said...

love, love, love the new shins. But then, hey, it's the shins. They are probably one of the most clever artists out there today.

Just went to Shiny Toy Guns last night in the PC. Saw their opener West Indie Girl. Less lit rock, more synth rock, but good times were had by all.