Thursday, February 22, 2007

Lent 2007--

I've been "practicing" Lent for several years now. One year, I didn't watch rated r movies, another year I gave up swearing. However, when I went to dinner with friends and the topic of our lent goals came up, I always was amazed at friends who gave up candies and sweets, thinking there's no way I want to give up that.
I think I’ve mentioned this particular fantasy of mine before, but I dream of sitting on the grass next to the Just Born factory in Pennsylvania with a cardboard box full of peeps on my left, and a 10 pound bag of Hot Tamales on my right. I indulge until I can’t take it any longer and then I just lean back and lay on the grass and soak up the sun rays.

Needless to say, this fantasy withstanding-I’m not much of a glutton for food, but candy is another story. I noticed last month that my candy consumption was at an all-time high. I was up to buying 2-3 bags (not individual size, the 12-16 ounce size) a week at CVS. Alarmed(and realizing my clothes were tight), I started thinking what I could do to cut back. Well, about 2 weeks ago on the Dentist chair, I was hit by my short-term solution: abstain from candy for Lent.

Last week, I started early to see if I could even do it and after a couple of very hard days (and thinking about licking the sugar from the Zip-lock bag I put my candy in), I realized it was doable. Now, 2 days into Lent I still have thoughts about raiding my coworkers’ candy dishes—but I then remember my goal. I don’t know if I’m going to sit on my front lawn on Easter morning with packages of Peeps and Hot Tamales by my side--but I may at least have a piece of candy. Maybe. Going through withdrawals the last week has been a beast. I know many studies say there's no physcial addiction to candy, but I don't know if I believe them. At least the psycholigical addiction is strong.


Kipluck said...

I KNOW JUST HOW YOU FEEL. Because I am off CHOCOLATE for Lent and I am already deciding this is REALLY going to be hard?

aisy said...

i have no definitive proof but i think our bodies do have an addiction to certain foods. i was off sugar, wheat and milk for a period of time (health stuff not lent) and the first two weeks were indeed a "beast." after that though i stopped craving it... but the day i ate some of those stuff was the day it was ALL over.

best of luck.