Thursday, February 15, 2007

VD Recapped--

I like Valentines Day. Even though I'm usually single for the day, I don't mind the over commercialization of the holiday, I think the name "Singles awareness day" is lame..and I don't recall ever lamenting my singleness on the day. Anyway, last night I was supposed to go to the 930 club, but at the last minute the ticket holder bailed, and I was without plans last night.
My roommate and her clique were over at our place last night making waffles, and I settled in with them to explain the best show on TV. Friday Night Lights had been on for 5 minutes when the sister missionaries knocked on the door with a plate of desserts for my roommate. By the time they dethawed--it was in the low twenties last night and blowing hard--the show was about half over. One of the clique (a nickname they wear with pride) suggested we play Mario we got out the underutilized Game Cube and played for over an hour. Then they took turns reading Trivial Pursuit questions to each other. All in all, a Valentines Day well spent! And best of all, Friday Night Lights can be watched online on


sugarcube said...

Friday Night Lights is so great.
I'm convinced that you don't have to like football to like it.

Sherpa said...

I love it. I don't like football all that much, and its my favorite show on tv.