Friday, March 02, 2007

Spotlight Music

Ipod Etiquette

I’m a late comer to the Ipod scene. I bought a cheap 256 mb mp3 player a couple of years ago which I only used in the car. However, my Ipod friends were on me for years to get one. Last year when my bro got a video Ipod, I was impressed but didn’t buy an Ipod until the new nanos came out last fall and I had some leftover money from a per diem check. I rapidly grew in love with Mouse and use it daily on the morning and afternoon commute, although sometimes I just turn it off and listen to the street and metro sounds.
As I’ve been using an ipod for almost 5 months now, there’s a few things I’ve learned and observed:
If you’re going to talk to someone, take the pods out of your ears out of respect for the other person. Even if you may not respect them.
Don’t sing out loud to yourself on a crowded metro
Don’t sing loudly to yourself on a metro unless you can, well, sing.
Check your volume. Check your volume often. You may love the newest Black Eyed Peas song, that doesn’t mean the person next to you does too.
Watch where you’re going. Sometimes you don’t pay attention where you’re walking/what you’re walking into when you’re listening to tunes. Be cognizant, you don’t want the latest Gram Parsons song to cause an accident.

Steve Martin is cooler than Gram Parsons
Okay, not really. I’ve been writing (mostly in my head) a piece about Gram for a while now and then I stumbled across Steve Martin mp3s and shoved Gram aside. Seriously, as cool as the nudie suit is (just you wait), and as influential Gram is/was—Steve Martin has been my boyfriend longer. In fact, although Bill Murray (even considering Steve Martin is Mormon*) would win in a contest for my heart—it would be a seriously close race.
I adore Mr. Martin and consider him an extremely talented performer/writer/musician/actor/comedian/chef/.

Dentist Song

King Tut

The Fratellis

So, they have an Ipod commercial—Dylan does too. This song, as catchy as it is deserves a shout-out and a listen-to.

*Yes, I’m aware that Steve Martin is not Mormon. But since I had several friends who personally told me he was, I like joking about it.


Seymour Glass said...

as a long time iPodian i have to suggest a slightly modified strategy for what Larry David refers to as the "Stop and Chat." if you like the person and want to talk with them, remove both headphones. if you're stopping as a courtesy but really would rather not, i say just leave one in for good measure. and if you can't stand the sight of them, don't even slow down and just nod.

and in your flurry of Steve Martin praising i think you left out a few important tidbits. #1 he's a top notch banjo player (he even plays sad songs). #2 he's a wild and crazy guy. #3 his writing exploits deserve a bit more attention--he's a novelist, playwright, screenwriter, and essayist. in short, a regular renaissance man.

ask me sometime and i'll tell you my favorite Steve Martin joke.

Sherpa said...

You're right. I did leave out the banjo playing-the writing, partly because I've talked about both in a previous post.

Seymour Glass said...

my fault for not reading your blog as much as i should. but it's hard for me not to praise Steve since i have a little man-crush on him. that's okay to say, i read it on so it must be.

Sherpa said...

No worries, I'm always a little surprised when people read my blog. No expectations here.

Yeah, I've posted a video of Steve playing the banjo, I believe--a post about Shop Girl (the novel and movie), a post about Steve and SNL--and I think there's been other posts. You're right, I didn't give him enough credit as I should have in this particular post.

A little man-crush on Steve? You have great taste.