Thursday, March 15, 2007

Spotlight Music

Brendan Benson
By late last year, it was apparent that this year was going to be a crazy-good year for rock-indy-alternative-folk (what have you) music. Then a few weeks ago the Stripes announced that they'd have a new album out, probably by summer. Predictably, my boyfriend Brendan Benson announced a new album and a demo to download. Although several music bloggers have said its a departure from his usual stuff. However, I think its not too different from a couple of tracks on "Alternative to Love." Either way, new Brendan? Cool!

The Worst Covers Ever
Heather over on I am Fuel you are friends has a link to's list of what they think are the worst covers ever. Although I've only heard a few of these covers(thank goodness), just imagining these artists perform these classics in my head make me giggle. A lot. Enjoy.

20. "You Shook Me All Night Long" — Celine Dion and Anastasia
19. "Downtown Train" — Rod Stewart
18. "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" — Guns N Roses
17. "Demolition Man" — Manfred Mann
16. "American Pie" — Madonna
15. "My Generation" — Hilary Duff
14. "It's My Life" — No Doubt
13. "Video Killed The Radio Star" — The Presidents of the United States of America
12. "Walk this Way" — Macy Gray
11. "Another Brick in the Wall" — Korn
10. "I'm A Believer" — Smash Mouth
09. "Satisfaction" — Britney Spears
08. "Sweet Child O Mine" — Sheryl Crow
07. "Big Yellow Taxi" — Counting Crows
06. "911 Is a Joke" — Duran Duran
05. "Anarchy in the UK" — Motley Crue
04. "Behind Blue Eyes" — Limp Bizkit
03. "Feel Like Making Love" — Kid Rock
02. "Dock of the Bay" — Michael Bolton
01. "And It Stoned Me" — Bob Dylan

I totally agree with #7--a big misstep in a guilty pleasure of mine, "Two Weeks Notice." I'd also like to add Celine Dion singing "Bohemian Rhapsody." I heard it on the Strip a few years ago across the street from Caesers. *shudder* Bob making the list at #1? Not really surprised. Love me my Dylan, but have you heard some of his covers? Some are awesome....some....not so much.

Gram Parsons

I've been a fan of the late Gram Parsons for a long time although I wasn't really aware of his influence on country/alt-country/Ryan Adams(well, I knew he must have influenced Adams as soon as I really sat down and listened to Gram)/, his legacy or his extremely awesome nudie suit (see above) until a couple of years ago. Gram, dead at the age of 26 in 1973 of a drug overdose was a part of the Byrds (after Crosby left), the Flying Burrito Brothers and then performed solo (but dueted with Emmylou Harris after he "found" her in 1971--"her song Boulder to Birmingham is about Gram). There's a legend that he arranged "Honky Tonk Woman" for the Stones but that's never been confirmed. Anyway, if you get a chance check out some of Gram's stuff-there's a chance you probably have anyway.


Jesse said...

It's true: 911 is a Joke is a horrible cover. In fact, the only track worth anything on Duran Duran's Thank You album is the cover of Grandmaster Flash's White Lines.

aisy said...

ooooh, thank you for the benson track. i don't think it's a huge departure after listening to it.

Steve said...

Funny list. I hate #4, Limp Bizkit's cover of The Who that I always turned the station whenever it came on. I actually like #s 3 & 5 tho, haha.

Sherpa said...

Aisy-yeah, I was confused after listening to it too. I had read it was darker and had a harder sound to it---and I thought have you guys even listened to his last two albums?

cew-smoke said...

I'm about as relevant and in the know regarding the current music scene as say my great grandparents are in the know about quantum physics.

Witness a short while back I accidentally stumbled across Austin City Limits on PBS. I'm watching some band I had never heard of called The Raconteurs and I couldn't shake the feeling that one guy looked kind of like the guy in White Stripes.

Of course I was educated about the reality of that later. Then I see the picture of the Brendan Benson guy and thought wow really you're dating him that's cool. Hey he looks familiar, kind of like the guy I saw that night playing with the White Stripes guy on PBS. Reality is such a nuisance for me. LOL!

Sherpa said...

Hey, at least you know who Jack White. I was at a hockey game last night and my roommate asked me if I liked a song being played. I didn't know it. She did it a couple of times, and I realized I haven't listened to rock on the radio when I'm driving for almost a year.