Tuesday, April 03, 2007


El Libro

I have a confession to make. I think I've read the Book of Mormon in Spanish...maybe once, and I'm not sure if I actually have read it in spanish all the way through. I believe I did on my mission, but even then I'm not sure if that's correct. The past couple of months I'd been thinking of reading el libro de mormon in spanish as soon as I finish my latest goal of reading the old and new testament in one year (I'm in Acts. If you haven't read the OT, you should.) So, I committed my self to read 18 pages of el libro and I'll have it finished by May 10th. This means I can't read the newspaper in the morning on the metro, and it might cut into my novel time (I was going to read the Namesake next) but I'll find time to it. I'm also going to continue with my bible goal.

Work out

My next goal is to do 20 minutes of cardio 3x a week until May 10th. This one is totally doable. I'm doing it not to lose weight, but to be healthy. I read an article in Allure about the trend of fat skinny (women who are size 4 or below but have a bmi of 30% of higher and it scared me senseless. ) I can't run yet because of my ankle (I haven't sprained it in a month--although I think I sprained it at least 10-20 times from Octobler to February). I'm taking a 6 month (started in January) hiatus from all intensive exercises (IE soccer). I've been working out in the office gym on the stationary bikes and my roommate has a exercise machine downstairs. I can't really take my bike out (pollen count) the next couple of weeks, but the goal is to ride my bike to work and back (completely doable) by the end of June.

Asthma Medication

I've been lax about taking my maintenance drugs for asthma for the past 4 years. I now have the goal of taking advair 2x a day. I've been doing this for nearly 3 weeks without missing a dose.

For those that don't know this, I'm an asthmatic. I've had it since I was a kid, but when I lived in Utah, I mostly just struggled with it when I had a cold and I've always been a lousy long distance jogger (but oddly could play soccer all day at midfield or forward position). As a firefighter, my asthma was getting worse over a period of five years and When I moved out here to the east coast, my asthma and allergies became linked (they weren't before). I also developed an asthma trigger to cigarette smoke (they weren't linked before). I've been able to be active, but it does affect my health, especially in the spring and when I'm recovering from a cold. I've got moderate persistant asthma out here. Since I landed myself in the emergency room breathing at about 25% lung capacity, I've been lackadasical about taking my meds.

Well, I've been struggling with the asthma for the past month, and since I can't afford the allergy shots right now (30 bucks a shot, no matter who takes them or how its documented), I've been taking working at developing a daily habit of taking the advair 2x a day. My goal is not to end up back at the doctor's office until I have to go back next month for a check up and not go back on Prednisone (I really hate that drug--but its a lifesaver). I'm still waking up at night (one of the symptoms of uncontrolled asthma is waking up at night), but the past two nights I haven't woke up more than once or twice.

So, here's the goals:
Asthma Medication: 2x a day every day
Exercise: 20 minutes of cardio 3x a week. (not counting my 30-40 minute walk each work day)
BOM: Read in Spanish by May 10th.

I'm blogging about this, not to brag but to hold myself accountable. I'll be back next Tuesday to report.

Oh, the no candy for lent goal? 5 more days!


Beatrix Kiddo said...

I tried to read the OT once...I think I only made it 400 pages in. Is that Numbers? I can't remember. Your goal to do so makes me want to try for that again.

Guy Murray said...

Buena suerte en leyendo El Libro de Mormon! Donde serviste en tu mision?

Sherpa said...

Chile Santiago Norte y recorde que lei El Libro.