Wednesday, May 09, 2007

4 out of 5 Dentists Recommend

So, in the latest news at my house, the number of household bloggers is multiplying like wildfire in Cali. Yup, 2 more roommates have blogs. That would be 5 out of the 5 of us in the house are now bloggers. Crazy eh? I know!

New Blogger J:
So, far its ghetto fabulicious.

New Blogger Megan Andrea:
Note to hygenists: Don't talk while cleaning her teeth.

Then there's Kelli who is a part of puddlejump.

And last not but least is Basement Dweller (but not a vampire) extraordinaire:

And, you're on my blog.

So, yeah..we're missing one!


sugarcube said...

So great:
"multiplying like wildfire in Cali."

Sara said...

um, i haven't shared my link until now. crap. now I have to be funny and stuff. *sigh*

aisy said...

blogging is a disease... looks like the roomies have all caught it. unfortunately we haven't yet discovered the antibodies.

Sherpa said...

Sugarcube---thanks. When you post on my blog, I don't miss you as much.

Sara--Just be you, not a cooler, more sophisticated you (yes, I'm quoting Meg).

Aisy--antibodies would be nice.