Sunday, June 17, 2007

Chester, Dester

Happy Fathers Day Dad.

To the man who taught me "birdie birdie in the sky, oh what's in my eye." Who spent countless hours playing catch with me, who learned soccer to teach me the game, who taught us the phrase, I don't like you right now but I still love you, who loves war movies, but especially the ones where the message is war is evil, his creative use of nick-names or petnames (I don't think he has ever called me sweetie or any other traditional terms of endearment(my mom doesn't use them much either--her favorite for me is sweet petunia) but I've been called joy mariezo, chester, bester, dork-schmork etc. etc) for his example of how he quietly serves his family, even those who are ding-dongs, his friends, and others, for his love of nature, flora, fauna and little kids. Thank you dad. (and sorry about the long sentence).

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Dainon said...

He sounds like a real cool cat. Lucky girl, you are.