Sunday, August 26, 2007

Dewey Cox is not there--2 movies I'm looking forward to this fall.

A film with my boyfriend Chris Parnell and my other boyfriend Matt Besser? Not to mention John C. Reilly and ninja Elvis? Looks totally silly...I'm there.

Although I thought the premise of the film "I'm not there" seemed pretty cool, I wasn't really all that excited about this until I started hearing about some of the casting choices like David Cross (Tobias from Arrested Development) as Alan Ginsberg (perfect choice). I held off until a couple of days ago to see the Cate Blanchett leaks. And although they are less than stellar, it looks to just be unedited takes, not even the stuff that's in the film. Then more stuff about the film came out, including stills and I'm getting more and more ready to see this film. This trailer is sweet. Hopefully the film is as electrifying as this trailer.

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