Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Do you like Economics?

Paste Magazine, often called the best music magazine out there today is putting out the deal of the Century. They are allowing subscribers to set their price for a year subscription. The minimum is a dollar. So, go on over there and sign on up.

Subscription Deal


Jules said...

Excellent deal. I wonder if they are in cahoots with Radiohead.

Sherpa said...

Cahoots or aping. Either way, it works.

Which reminds me, Kelli if you read this comment, could you download the Radiohead album for our roadtrip

tim & brandi said...

Thanks for sharing this!


brent said...

Brilliant! You get CDs with every issue? Nice.

I happen to like economics, so I'm curious. If you subscribed (like I did), feel free to divulge what you paid. C''s for research!

Me = $19.95

futuregirl said...

How awesome! I hope everyone starts doing this sort of thing. :)

Anonymous said...

Love the new pix on yur blog head. Did I take it or did you? Anyway, it was your camera. Sent me thye filoe of all our pix. LV MOM

Sherpa said...

Mom-Its one I took. I cleaned up the pictures from the trip last night, but I was too tired to send them to you also. I'll blog it over on the travel blog and send them to you next week.

Brent, I did buy in bulk in anticipation of my upcoming birthday. I paid 40% off your price.

plainoldsarah said...

you and brent totally inpsired me! it was impulsive - i've never read paste and i never have time to read what i already get - but i like supporting good ideas and this seemed like a winner. thanks! by the way, i went with the brent price.

Sherpa said...

Sarah-yeah, if I wasn't using it for buying christmas presents, I would've paid one cent more than Brent...just to get my name in the February edition of Paste. As it is-I paid what I could for multiple subscriptions.

Oh, and you won't be disappointed. Its a great magazine.