Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sorry to those outside the US

Last night's 30 Rock? Best episode to date this season.

Memorable Quotes and Random Thoughts:

"First of all, never badmouth synergy."

"Fine, I'll go, as long as this has a spa where you are allowed to eat in the sauna, because some places, they get mad." -Liz

"Did you know Janis Joplin speedwalked everywhere and was afraid of toilets?"
Yes, now we know what we're dealing with!" Tracy and Dr. Spaceman

"If left untreated you could possibly lose a foot
Could I replace it with a wheel like Rosie from the Jettsons?
I suppose, but then you'd have to register as a motor vehicle."- Dr. Spaceman and Tracy

"Each of them embodies a pillar of the six sigma business philosophy:
teamwork, insight, brutality, male enhancement, handshakefullness and play hard." -Jack

"There's no link between diabetes and diet. That's a white myth Ken, like Larry Bird or Colorado." -Tracy

"There's a conspiracy theory that after the Civil War, the US Army spread false information about diabetes to keep the newly freed slaves sluggish and docile, and that's why to this day most African Americans know that diabetes is caused by sleeping on your back.
I don't think that's right." -Harvard and Kenneth

"According to my Wikipedia page, I'm gonna need some cherry juice, buttermilk and tequila to make my signature Janis Joplin Cocktail, the Frankschlongg."-Jenna

"Mr. Jordan, I've seen too many people back home die of diabetes and go-kart accidents to stand idly by while you ruin your health.."-Kenneth

"Noe" N-O-E."-Tracy

"You can't say a-doy to me in mixed company."-Jack

"I give you a simple managerial problem and I get back the second half of a Judy Blume novel." -Jack

"That's what friends do, uh-duh." Liz

Random Thoughts during the episode:

  • Jenna doing improv is awesome.
  • Love the Washington reference (maybe we WILL find out what happened)
  • Reeling up the thumbs at 1:50? Totally cute.
  • Yeah! More Janis Joplin, or in this case Janet Jompler or Janey Jimplin
  • I like Jenna's hair, and I totally could do that with mine.
  • Jack is channeling Stuart Smalley?
  • I (still) love Chris Parnell. I'm glad he's back as Spaceman, or anyone really.
  • The diabetes plotline is kind of awesome.
  • The hill witch is just too silly.
  • No celebrity guest spots??
  • (Robot Penis made me laugh)
  • Frank and Jenna hooking up? That's been brewing since the first season. I was hoping that wouldn't happen, but I like how they spun it. The next Ross and Rachel that we actually care about? I hope so.
  • Wait, Jenna is kind of wearing my usual hairstyle (when I actually do it).
  • Frank's love square? Kind of awesome. Go Frank!
  • Jenna's monster bit? Best acting she's done yet!
  • Oh no, Stuart Smalley backfired!
  • If Liz Lemon can wear boots and skirts together, so can I.
  • Liz and Jack are sweet together, and the ending is kind of awesome. No, I don't think they'll ever hook up.
  • I hate Smoky Bear. That's one govment program I don't support (Not you, Smokey, you're name-sake).
  • Finally, no guest spots! My fave episode so far, and I love the plotlines they seem to be going with. Are they tantalizing us with the gay bomb? Will we see more with that?
    I can't believe I spent time writing down my thoughts and quotes. I hate being a little under the weather. Again.


Richard and Nicole said...

pretty good. i loved the diabetes part. oh my. I'm pretty sure there are some docs that are that ignorant (:

Steve said...

I couldn't stop laughing when Tracy and Kevin got scared by "the witch" and started downing vegetables! haha. I wouldn't say it was the best this season, but good as always!

Putz said...

i am a diabetic sherpa, there really a link betwee my diabetis and what i am presently eating, ice cream fatbugers, candy floss, chocolate candy got to be kisdding me

Putz said...

p.s did you read that larry miller has lost both his legs because of diabetis???????????

Sherpa said...

Whoa. That's crazy. Poor guy.