Friday, February 06, 2009

30 Rock-- Generalissimo

Yesterday morning I had a couple of e-mails and conversations with people about this episode of 30 Rock. I finally watched it yesterday afternoon, and yeah. Best episode this season.

"Me Odio"
"Yo soy Jack"-Jack and Elisa's Abuelita
In Puerto Rico, they hold elderly women in high
When I quote lines from your movie, that doesn't sound racist, right?
My roles transcend race."--Tracy and the intern
"I want to go to there"-Liz

The Interns are former investment bankers that were laid off by the economic crash Nancy Pelosi caused.
A Doctor who has recently been divorced?
Selma Hayek can totally hold her own with Alec Baldwin. Very nice. Alec Baldwin?
Alec Baldwin with those glasses..awesome.
Generalissimo is butchering "digame" and sounds exactly like a gringo speaking spanish, but not bad.
Michael J Fox!! (in commercial)
Is Oswald Kevin Nealon?

(TBC) it's gorgeous outside, and I need to go there.


Jules said...

Agreed. Alec Baldwin is a genius. And I totally love Jon Hamm...

brent said...

Agreed x 2!

I could not BELIEVE my EYES! Alec Baldwin was amazing. This episode is one of the funniest and most memorable episode ever.

Sherpa said...

Totally agree. Alec Baldwin and the Generalissimo together? Brilliant.

I love Jon Hamm too, He's great with Fey!

Jenny said...

A friend of mine is an investment banker in New York, and he fits every single one of these stereotypes. He drinks scotch, went to the Cornell Club, and parties late every night.