Sunday, March 08, 2009

Aren't I lucky?

I've been thinking about family the six months or so, and whether or not its time to try and move back to the Inter-Mountain West or Utah. Living out here 2500 miles away from most of my family the past 7.5 years, I forget that I'm not just a single gal in DC, I'm also a daughter, a grand-daughter, a sister, a neice, and a cousin. I forget that those roles demand my time, and the rewards that I get from fulfilling those responsibilities.
I love it here in DC, and I have "family" here that I love as much as my "blood relatives," and it'll be hard leaving if I decide to leave. I haven't made any decisions yet, except that I need to update my resume because it's been almost four years since I've done that.
I'm not afraid to put this on my blog, as I have a good situation at work, they've been awesome to me while I've been struggling with my health, and I wouldn't go unless I could find an ideal federal goverment position in the Intermountain West. In this economy, the competition for a job is going to be fierce so it may be a year or more that I find a good fit. Or I may decide to stay out here.
Another consideration is my health. This winter has been my easiest winter out here in several years, (even counting the 5 day hospital stay), and I'm coming off another sinus infection/bronchitis bout. Last year, I had 4 months straight of upper respiratory illnesses. Even if I move back west, I'll still have to be carefull with my health, but it would be nice living in a place where my sinuses clear out after about a week, the mountains and desert is right there, and there's a lot of great road biking, hiking, back-packing, etc. etc all easier to get to than it is out here. That being said, biking to and from work next to the Potomac? Really is an awesome commute, and I've got skulling and sailing to look forward to this year.
So, I haven't made any real decisions yet, but I'm figuring it all out. Might be time to move back, it might not. We'll see how it goes. Either way, I want to be prepared.
This afternoon I stumbled across the pictures above in my cousin's blog. I'm related to these "crazy" people. The first picture is my Uncle Kent and Aunt Hannah's family. The second picture is my grandmother True Feild and her "grands" on her birthday (Great-Grand kids). If I do move closer, it'll be really nice to see the majority of the people in the pictures above more than once every couple of years.
Thanks Janette!


Brenda said...

Of course I'll support you in whatever you decide, but hey, I vote for family. My girls have benefited so much from all their Aunties.

Jules said...

Oh, I've been there with that decision. Good luck...there are pros and cons to it all (as with pretty much anything worthwhile in life).

Lucy Stern said...

It has to be hard living that far away from family, but I am sure you have loved your job and made plenty of new friends... Bonnie liked the DC area when she got an couple hotel jobs out there.

The other side is, what are you missing being in DC? In later years, will you regret not being around your family? There is a lot to think about. Maybe you could scope out the job opportunities in the area you want to move to.... IF your health is better in the mountainous/dessert area, it might be worth the move... Lots to think about.

aisy said...

Always a hard decision. I finally decided to buy a home, which means I'll be away from "home" at least another 5 years. Good luck! And if you do, heck we might actually meet in person at some good show.

SJ said...

It took me a full year to make the decision to move back to Utah. I still miss DC, but then I think it was a good move and I can always go back.

Steve said...

We'd hate to see you go!

Are you still biking in in the morning? I always look for you on Memorial Bridge when I drive across around 8.

Richard and Nicole said...

Rich and I would sure love to see you as often as possible! Even though we live far could think about commuting along the wilamette river every morning....just kidding....miss ya!