Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I want

A Gary Fisher fixed gear with fenders, chain guard, and capabilities to mount a rack for groceries and books. Check out the seat, and the color? I'm in love. Perfect second bike, and I've been looking for a second bike for 6 months now. But since I just bought a new bike last year....I don't see this one in my future. Le sigh, le boo hoo.


Anonymous said...

You have 3 (red Schwinn, the used bike you bought in Sept, & mtn bike), yes 3 bikes at home. You don't need any more bikes!! LV MOM

Boo said...

I like my bike but I like this bike too. This would be an excellent second bike. Happy biking!

Sara said...

Yours was the second blog I read tonight where a friend was loving on a bike a lot like mine. It's very pretty.

Sherpa said...

Anon-But those bikes are there, and I'm here...2500 miles away. Actually, if I could figure out how to ship that Schwinn to me, then I wouldn't need this bike.

Amber-Thanks. I need to come visit your bike.

Sara-Thanks, great minds think alike! I love your bike too.