Thursday, March 19, 2009


March is quite possibly my favorite sports month of the year. There’s March Madness, Spring Training, no American football, and tonight my cousin Kaycee Feild will be riding in the 2nd Round of the Semifinals of the Houston Super Series Rodeo. He rode a couple of weeks ago during one of the prelim rounds, and did very well.
The first night he took first on an 87 ride. I’ve never seen him ride better, Kaycee was completely in-sync with the horse who was a strong bucker-but Kaycee looked completely in charge. He earned that 87.
The second night he rode well, but the horse wasn’t quite as impressive looking as the ride the night before. That being said, Kaycee rode well. He did well enough to take second on an 84.
The third night he had a re-ride and scored in the 70’s. He didn’t place, but he did well enough to earn a place to ride tonight. Go Kaycee!

Update: He took 6th place with an 80 (wth?-An 80 isn't bad! Which means the horses were awesome, everyone was riding well, or the scores might've been a little inflated--at least that's what it meant 15-20 years ago when Kaycee's dad was riding) so he's not moving on to the finals at Houston. However, he did well and earned some good money there.
The prelim finals were on but the semifinals weren't up there this morning. I think ESPN2 was carrying this rodeo too.


Brenda said...

Well wishes to Kaycee! Is this televised?

Janette said...

That's great, but I have to ask... How do you know all this stuff? I'm so not in the know. I'm glad I have your blog, you connector, you!

Sherpa said...

I guess last night wasn't televised. I don't have cable so I don't know. Brenda, you like rodeo?

Janette-I stumbled across it. I read Mac's blog saying they were going to Texas, then I remembered about the Houston rodeo and did a quick search.
Last year I started following Kaycee, and Rich got really into it through espn360

Smokey said...

I believe he has one more chance to make it into the finals. There is the wild card round i believe. I am not positive but the website had something about wildcard.

Brenda said...

Sherpa: I've been to a few in my day. I wouldn't say I love it, but I'd watch The Cousin of Sherpa any day.