Sunday, March 15, 2009

With Liberty and Justice to Brawl

On Saturday, I attended my first roller derby. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I found myself really liking the sport and atmosphere. There was maybe a 1,000 people or so in attendance at the cavernous DC Armory. The event had a ESPN da Ocho feel to it, an announcer wearing a sequined jacket, a Jason-Batemanesque color commentator. Each event has two matches, one is the exhibition where the announcer goes through the rules. The second match is the main event. Derby is sort of a cross between rugby or hockey and a race on roller skates on an oval short-track. You can read more here.
Each of the girls on the teams have names and numbers. Some of favorites were:
  • Gun'Her Down, 50 CAL
  • Witch Crafty, 1692
  • Hoova Dayum, H20
  • Marion Barrycuda, 311
  • Ovary Action, 28 Days

Although the event has a certain chintzy feel to it, it wasn't over the top, and it's really about the sport. These women are good at their sport, and it's really cool to watch them in action. Plus, we all had fun coming up with our own roller derby names!


Steve said...

I've always been meaning to go to one of these DC ones. I remember watching roller derby as a kid and loved it. It really is a cool sport; way more interesting than baseball or golf, ha.

♥ Sammie ♥ said...

So what name did you come up with for yourself?

Richard and Nicole said...

that looks like would we find one of those to watch here?