Thursday, May 21, 2009

John Doe + The Sadies

A punk icon (John Doe of the band X) singing classic country standards?  audio comfort food.  At least in my world. If you're expecting "Ring of Fire" a la Social Distortion, you may be disappointed.  But if you enjoyed Teddy Thompson's "Up Front and Down Low" album from a few years-John Doe may be right up your alley (Mom, this post is for you).


Anonymous said...

Patsy, Waylon, Dwight, & now John Doe. Cool, but not as good as Terry Thompson.

Sherpa said...

"Drunk Girls Think I'm Hot," Terry Thompson? Love Patsy, Waylon, and Dwight!

If you get a chance, check out originals by John Doe and Teddy Thompson. Both are stellar songwriters!
"The Golden State" by John Doe and "Up Front and Down Low" by Teddy are great intros to both artists!

Thanks for commenting!

Brenda said...

I quite enjoyed Teddy Thompson's performance. Thanks for the intro.

Anonymous said...

Why were you posting at 3:24 am?

Richard and Nicole said...

dont know what you are talking about.....but i like the music! ditto to moms comment.