Saturday, May 16, 2009

Ups and Downs

Downside: Out of my own knuckleheadness, I "missed" my first flight
Upside: I made the next flight on standby.

Downside: Plane was delayed two hours in Miami, and another 1/2 hour in National.
Upside: I'm back in DC

Upside: I got to watch "Bride Wars" and "He's Not that Into You"
Downside: We were stuck in the cabin of the plane for two hours

Upside: I like Drew Barrymore.
Downside: Neither "Bride Wars" or "He's not that into you" were great, or even that good, really. Upside: I learned "life lessons" from both films.

Upside: Kelli Kay is feeling better.
Downside: She's still struggling with the bug she got.

Upside: When I finally made it back? An unbirthday present from a sister-in-law. Nicole, you're seriously the best. Smokey picked well when he married you.


Boo said...

Love this photo! Glad you made it back to DC safely but being delayed sucks.
I agree with you about Drew too. Love Drew but not crazy about He's Just Not That Into You.

Anonymous said...

Not "a" sister-in-law, but "the only" sister-in-law unless you know something about
Steve that I don't. In fact, since you do not have a sister, I think Nicole could qualify as the sister?!

Richard and Nicole said...

who won MVP? from that pic I'm guessing you (: glad you liked the present LUVS YA