Sunday, June 21, 2009


1) While I was in Baltimore.....

President Obama took his girls to my neighborhood's icon, the Dairy Godmother.

2) Lungs:

I've been struggling with asthma/sinus infections since October, so my Pulmonologist ordered a sinus cat-scan and blood work to measure the reactivity of my lungs (IGE level). The Cat-scan shows that I've got fluid in my left maxillary sinus and I've got a referral for an ENT. The IGE level came back 153 (35 is severe), which means my lungs are extremely reactive and we're going through the paperwork to get me on Xolair Therapy. I'm just happy that we've figured out what's going on, and there's medicine out there that'll help me get better.

3) Marty Robbins

Ah, Marty Robbins. I could write pages about this guy. If you can't stand this video, blame my parents.

Check out this move at :10 seconds. What a fox!

4) Disney Princesses I can get behind:

Photographer Dina Goldstein decided to photograph "what happened if the Disney Princesses didn't live happily ever after"... The outcomes are above.

Via Gnomie, Via Cup of Jo:


Anonymous said...

About Marty - I think the first video was much earlier than the
70's - probably eary 60's or late 50's. The one where he is wearing the white suit may have been 70's. BTW - it's late on Sunday, are you calling PDB?

Anonymous said...

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NoSurfGirl said...

Wow. I sure hope you get an answer and a treatment soon. Scary, to have reactive lungs.

Janette said...

I'm happy you know what is wrong now and can start fixing it. Good luck! And I love the name of the ice-cream shop.

SJ said...

Anonymous - Thanks whoever you are. These are my symptoms and I've suspected I had food allergies. I also get heartburn for weird things like tomatoes and cucumbers. Possible allergies?

Sherpa said...
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Sherpa said...

Mom-Yeah, I had a video in there from the '70s and then switched it at the last moment because his voice sounds better in this video from the '60s.

Anon-Luckily something like only 3% of asthmatics have true food allergies. I've had tests done, and I don't have food allergies (except for Oral Mouth Syndrome, but that's not a true food allergy). Thanks for the info though.

NSG-Thanks. I find it annoying mostly, but that's because I'm a little jaded by it all. :)

Janette-Thanks Cuz. Yeah, I'm super happy to know what to do to fix it all.

Re the Dairy Godmother: Every time I tell a Mormon that I live in Del Ray, they get a look on their face and say "Dairy Godmother!" Not to mention everytime I go there I run into Mormons I know, even the one time we took my roommate's brother on a Sunday. It's a little overpriced, but really good-and the sorbets they have are awesome.

SJ-Might be, or you may have ARD.

Steve said...

I saw the Obama in our hood story Saturday night! I was bummed that we too missed him. I didn't even see the motorcade! Although, now EVERYONE is going to know that Fairy Godmother has the best frozen custard in DC!!!!

plainoldsarah said...

my father taught me to love marty robbins. thanks for the good reminder of him!