Wednesday, July 29, 2009

(Not so) Wordless

I love President Clinton. I don't think he was a horrible president, I think that the Lewinsky deal was stupid, and hamstringed his presidency for the second term.
Some of his policies worked well, some--not so well. He isn't a liberal commie pig, as someone I know would call him, in fact some of his administration's policies that would be considered conservative are those I really don't like. Getting rid of the OPM Personnel Handbook? Reduction in paper, yes but it totally stripped that agency and the Federal HR community is still affected adversely by that knuckleheaded move.
However, I still think he's a brilliant politician, and he's working on a post-presidency legacy that's to be admired.
But there's something about President Clinton, a Joe Biden quality perhaps, that makes me giddy when I see a picture or hear about him. Although he's known to be the most charismatic politician of his generation, there's something about him that is just so human. The brilliant Darrell Hammond's lampoon of President Clinton, the womanizing, slightly redneck southerner? Doesn't seem so far-fetched when you listen to him, or see a picture of him like the one above. That quality? That's what I find appealing-even if it may have cost his wife the Presidency.

Picture originally found at the site below:

(Feel free to agree, disagree, yell at me, whatever. Just be respectful.)


Smokey said...

I think you might be sleeping with the dogs on your vacation next week.

Smokey said...

Oh ya he did lie but I guess that is the norm for most politicians anymore.

Anonymous said...

It won't be so bad sleeping with the dogs - if they can sleep in the backyard instead of their dirty, stuffy, mouse-infested dog house.

Steve said...

I like Clinton too, as a person. Like you, I liked some of his policies and not others. He seems like the type of person I'd love hang out with.

Sherpa said...

Anon-Let's see, I'm allergic to grass, the dogs and then there's the fact that Lady likes to kick me in the head when she sleeps next to me. Yeah, I can see you guys kicking me out there.

Steve-Hanging out with Clinton would be hilarious, I think.

adamf said...

At the movie (Food Inc.) last night there was a slam against the Bush administration's picks for FDA posts and etc. Some people behind us started to snicker, until the movie then slammed Clinton as well, which was a little funny.

I agree though, he would be fascinating to go to lunch with.