Tuesday, July 14, 2009

You Completo Me

I’m passionate about hot dogs. There, I said it. I like hot dogs. Oh, I’m not advocating all dogs, all the time, but a good dog, done right is a glorious thing. There’s Chicago Dogs, the hall-mark of all dogs, then there’s a good brat on the proper German bread—nothing but the “Hans and Franz” of the Hot Dog family.
Recently, a friend of mine told me that Hot Dogs belong to North America, and should never be exported South of the Border. This friend obviously has never had a Completo, Chile’s version of the Hot Dog. A Chilean Completo is arguably one of this South American’s Country’s greatest gifts to cuisine. A hot dog on good bread (American roll doesn’t work), topped with tomatoes, onions, mashed avocado, mayonnaise and ketchup is a glorious concoction. If my words haven’t won you over yet, here’s Anthony Bourdain on his show “No Reservations” encountering a Completo in Chile.


Steve said...

That sounds awesome! I need to find one of those!

brent said...

I offer up Argentina's own "choripán" as a delectable substitute to the hotdog. Argentine chorizo (brat-like, I'd say) on soft, fresh bread with chimichurri all over. Mmm! I parted with many a peso over the course of my two years in Buenos Aires to satiate my taste for choripán!

Anonymous said...

You had me until the mayo!

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ben said...

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