Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Round Up: Shut-in Version

1) I think the seasonal flu shot gave me the flu over Columbus Day weekend. I thought I was doing okay late last week, but then I started feeling a chest cold Saturday coming on and I've been in our apartment since. I'm fine, I've got Gatorade, expectorant, a Wii, comfort food, a nebulizer just in case and I've even been able to work some from home. Hopefully I'll be able to go to work on Wednesday.

2) Yankees: Up 2-1 against the Angels. They didn't have it last night, and I'm really hoping the game tonight goes better and they are better to head back to the Bronx with one game up. They can't expect to strand guys on base like that and still have a chance against the Angels.

3) Television: For the playoffs, I bought a antenna for our television to get the basic broadcast channels. I don't quite feel out of sync with the world, and well-commericals are cooler when you go long stretches without watching any tv. That being said, I kind of miss my 1.5 years of no TV. We'll see if I put the antenna away after the play-offs. Hmm, I think I've turned into one of "those people."


Steve said...

Hope you get feeling better. Get a canoli at Mancini's!

I think my parents had/have that alarm clock, although it's an original, minus the iPod deck, haha. I like it too!

What is this "Yankees" and "Angels" thing you speak of when it is hockey season?!?! :)

Brenda said...

I'm sorry you are shut in. Get well and get out!

Sparklebot said...

Those people aren't so bad.

Sherpa said...

Hockey? How can you even think of that sport when the weather is so nice, and it's not even winter!

Brenda-Thanks. I'm at work!

Sparklebot- I'm pretty sure I'm one of those people. At least I was until I bought that box, and even then the first show I watched was a PBS special about photographing Iceland. Um yeah.

Steve said...

Sherpa - It is ALWAYS hockey season. Besides, isn't baseball supposed to be 'the game of summer'. It's almost Thanksgiving and games are getting snowed out! ;-)

I saw the AB/CD shirt! I've seen those before. There are also "For Those About to Walk" shirts out there. What I really want is this CD that has AC/DC songs done for/by kids. It's hard to find. :(

NoSurfGirl said...

keep on it, get well soon :)