Friday, November 13, 2009


I somehow worked 11 hours on my regularly scheduled day off today. I'm still here at work but off the clock, and taking a few minutes before I catch the train to go to a party tonight on my way home. This week has been something else. I'm coordinating a walking event for 250 employees. We've never done anything like this before, and the response has been phenomenal. Registration closed this afternoon and I spent this early evening tying up loose ends for the event.
Even though I was busy with the walking event, Jane Goodall was here today so I took time out to listen to her speak about endangered species. Being in the same room as Dame Jane Goodall? Absolutely inspiring. Her lecture was great, and the room was packed. She greeted us with how chimpanzees greet each other, which was simply awesome. She talked a little about her work and her latest book. Although there was one question posed to Dr. Goodall that was well, out of this planet (she was asked how researchers should respond to aliens visiting this planet-I kid you not), one of my favorite parts of her lecture was when a 8 or 9 year old asked her how she came to do the research she did. Dr. Goodall replied that when she was a little girl, she had a crush on Tarzan and was absolutely crushed that he married Jane, but she was convinced that she would visit Africa. She said that even though this was World War 2 Europe and her family didn't even have enough money for a bicycle, she was a girl, and Africa was considered the "Dark Continent" still, she had a supportive mother who told her that anything was possible. Although Dr. Goodall talked about the dire straits the planet was in, she also brought a message of hope that inspired me and others I spoke with to be better.

Speaking of mothers; Yes mom, the Departmental award idea I had last week for members of the public was presented to it's first recipient, Dr. Goodall, by the Secretary. No, I didn't get to meet her, although I could have. I was asked by the Secretary's photographer (I'm not name dropping, I've just worked in the building for 7 years so I know people) if I wanted my picture with her, but I didn't want to stand in line and needed to get back to the walking challenge registration. And, I might've had a momentary lapse of shyness.


Richard and Nicole said...

richard said last night "hey, joy said jane goodall talked at her work today"

I replied "oh the gorilla lady"

richard said "how did you know that, I had to look her up"

I said, "if you are even remotely a tree hugger then you know who jane goodall is......."

Main point: nicole hugs trees, richards saves them from fires, but claims to hate tree huggers.

NoSurfGirl said...

Love Jenna.

Just wish they'd made her hair some other color than blond :)

Sherpa said...

Eh, red heads are always accused of having a temper. Personally I wonder if it isn't a brunette conspiracy against red heads and blonds. ;)