Monday, December 07, 2009

Random Thoughts

1) Vegas right before Christmas anyone? (Depending on Weather, of course.)

2) Several weeks after the World Series is when I really start paying attention to football (and during Christmas is when I actually sit down and watch the game). I hate Boise State more than I despise Utah but well, both TCU and BSU got the shaft. Yeah, the BCS is going to applaud the fact they have two mid majors in their bowl series but….playing each other? Cop-out. Not surprising because the BCS is about the biggest good ol’ boys club there is, but seriously. This is lame.

3) Since I’ve seen my roommate a total of maybe 3 days for the last 6 weeks, I’ve traded her in for a newer, more reliable model and $250.00.
Okay, Kelli can stay because she pays rent. Plus, she went to her sister's wedding and Thailand. Both were (are) awesome trips..and there's only 4 months left until we celebrate seven years as roommates. Seriously.
Anyway, a friend of mine hung out in my apartment for a bit about 3 weeks ago after she gave me a ride home from a party and long story short, decided to move in when a 2 bedroom opened up. I didn’t realize there was a finder’s fee, but I got it. I may throw a tamale birthday party with some of the cash or put the money towards a new desktop since mine is on life support. The upside? I have a friend moving in 2 doors down to hang out with occasionally.

4) My Cuz Kaycee Feild is doing really well at the National Finals Rodeo in Bareback. He’s leading the average*after 4 nights of the rodeo. I may have jinxed him by mentioning this, but I’ll continue to talk rodeo regardless. If you get a chance, you can watch the replay on espn 360 (free to Verizon subscribers) and it’s on ESPN each night too.

5) I had no idea that Christoga existed until I was looking for a lifetime TV movie on Netflix (Having no cable makes one a little desperate for awesomely bad occasionally) and stumbled across Christoga.
Here’s the synopsis from Netflix below:
Christoga: Christian Yoga
Actress Janine Turner joins forces with fitness expert Mary Cunningham to create a routine that combines hatha yoga and Christian meditation for a workout that exercises both body and soul. Using biblical Scripture, Turner and Cunningham give Christian names to traditional yoga poses. As you perform Christ Exalted, Mighty Disciple and Salvation Rotation, you'll feel your spirit stretching along with your muscles.

6) I’m going to the Dr. tomorrow. I really don’t want to go back on antibiotics, but I can afford it (and yogurt..lots of yogurt), I have decent health insurance and really-I have nothing to whine about. So, since it's been 2 months since I was sick initially, I've got all the symptoms of a persistent case of bronchitis that didn't respond to the 8 day treatment of antibiotics which means...hopefully, I'll be able to go back to working out soon, and be healthy enough to play church ball in January! Babysteps. My resolution last year of taking better care of myself without getting too self-centered, has been accomplished in babysteps. But I'm doing a lot better than I was a year ago, and feel like I'm progressing in a lot of different ways....and hope I'm not too self-centered (for a spinster, as my family likes to call me). Plus, I've got the seasonal, H1-N1 and pneumonia vaccinations hanging out in my system. I'm good to go!

7) Mom, as an early Christmas present, here's the link to Ann Cannon's blog. Click on the post about her dad who always calls cities by their nicknames and click on the blog of the person that states that commented, "I've always wanted to date Lavell." Louise Plummer's blog is worth following too.

*There’s 10 rodeos in 10 nights at the National Finals Rodeo. Kaycee has the highest overall total of these 10 rodeos after 4 nights. That doesn’t mean he’ll be the World Champ in Bareback. The World Champion is the one who has the most money after a season in their event which ends with the National Finals Rodeo.


Jules said...

As I said on Facebook yesterday, this year's Fiesta Bowl became the equivalent of the kiddie table at Thanksgiving. That TCU and Boise State are playing each other is completely patronizing.

Christoga sounds fascinating. Awesomely bad Lifetime Christmas movie: "A Boyfriend for Christmas."

Anonymous said...

Thanks foir the link. Vegas before Christmas? Talk to your little bro. Kaycee rocks. Needs a couple more wins & no mistakes. LV MOM.

Sherpa said...

Jules-We're not facebook friends. We should be, even though we've never met.

"A Boyfriend for Christmas." That one sounds really familiar. Apparently Kristen Chenowith is in one this year. That's the one I want to see.

Mom-I'll talk to Steve-O.

JD said...

you might enjoy this link about the BCS...

Sherpa said...


Richard and Nicole said...

dont know if vegas would be warm enough. if we're going somewhere, we better be able to do chistoga outside on an amazing veranda. oh. i just realized you want to go to vegas because of football. never mind.

Sherpa said...

Nicole-Seriously, we should go somewhere warm this winter.

I think I want to go to Vegas because it's warmer than here-and drier too.

Jules said...

We should be Facebook Friends! I have a fake name so my students can't find me: Jules Verne. If you're FB friends with Sarah Ward (now Robinson), you can find through her friends too.

The Lifetime movie with Kristin Chenowith is called "12 Men of Christmas." It was all one would expect from a Lifetime Christmas movie. And I hate that I know that.