Sunday, February 14, 2010

Maybe the Beatles were Right

I like Valentine's Day. There, I said it.
Even though I've had a Valentine maybe once in my 33 years of existence and I'm single. I like Valentine's Day. A lot. Why? Because it's a celebration of love. Platonic and romantic, familial, friends..all categories of love.
Oh, sure-the holiday has become commercial and as a candophile-Valentine's Day is a dream come true...but a holiday to celebrate the bonds we have with each other? That's pretty neat, I think.
Rather than dwelling on what I don't have, celebrating what I do have is a much better alternative. I have a wonderful family, a mother who sends me my favorite valentine's candy, a father who sends his children pictures of his deployed son's puppy on Valentine's Day, two brothers, a sister-in law who is awesome, Baby Buhlerette(do we call her Anna now?), extended family I adore, and many friends here in DC and points beyond that I cherish.
When I was younger I thought that the Beatles were pretty simplistic, but the older I get? Maybe they were right. Maybe love is all you need.

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Very, very nice.