Monday, March 01, 2010

Weekend Roundup: Hockey Pho Edition

Friday: The Weekend started with an asthma attack from staying up until midnight watching women’s figure skating. Luckily, I was at home working so I could take a couple of hours off and try to calm down my angry lungs. Lungs calmed, I was able to work during the afternoon. Friday night was dinner at TBR (The Burger Joint) with a couple of friends. Fewer things are better than conversing for a couple of hours over great food in a not too crowded restaurant. I begged off the Olympics and went to bed.

Saturday: Woke up to the news that the 7th largest earthquake in recorded history hit Concepcion and affected Santiago Chile. I was a LDS (Mormon) Missionary in Chile about 10-12 years ago and have many friends down there. So far, everyone I’ve heard back from is okay. The afternoon was filled with errands and a trip to the gym!! Saturday night, Kelli and I went to eat Pho with a group of friends to celebrate another friend’s birthday. Except the birthday boy didn’t show up until we were singing karaoke to the Bobsled Finals at another friend’s house. We know how to party. Ended the night watching Apolo Ono's dq (I didn't stay up for the relays)

Sunday: The US/Canada Hockey game? Totally worth switching my church schedule around. Really though, I needed to go to the family ward, catch up with the “other” little brother and his wife, and tie up some loose ends. I tell you, there should be a rule against meeting at 3:00p-6:00p for church. I’m currently a member of the “old” single ward (31-55) which meets at 3:00p and that’s a trying time for me to have church. Give me 8 am or 11:30 any day over that schedule. Sunday night, the “other” roommate had a group of friends over for dinner and I got an invite too. We ate Mexican food, debated the legalization of pot and had a good time all around...drug free.


erinannie said...

I often feel that way too.

NoSurfGirl said...

I love that you debate the legalization of pot. (Legalize it.) And watch hockey. And stuff. I only watched half of two olympic events this time and I feel like a total nerd because I LOVE the winter olympics. I just didn't have the energy when night fell and the kids finally in bed, to pull out the remote and park my behind in front of the TV. Oh well.

Steve said...

Glad your lungs gave up! Er, I mean that in a good way! haha. The hockey game was one of the best ever. Now hopefully people understand why it is my favorite sport. But whatev if they don't, less people in line for beer at games, haha.