Friday, April 02, 2010

Random Stuff: 3 More Days!!

1) I went to REI last night with my beater mt bike, a new frame from Performance and walked out with a Novara Bonita Mt bike that was on sale. I'm still shocked I did that, but it was a right choice, I think. I hope.

2) I bought a ticket to Zurich, Switzerland today. Half of September will be spent traipsing around the Alps while eating bread and dairy products and yelling at my baby brother. Best vacation ever! (we only yell at each other the first couple of days we're together, then we're pretty tight). Time to tighten up the purse strings so I can afford a little sausage and apples on our trip too!

3) I kind of like/loathe this week in DC. On the one hand, the cherry blossoms are breathtaking. On the other hand, the pollen counts are through the roof which makes for two super neurotic lungs and there are HORDES of people in DC which makes going from point a to point b super tough whether riding the bike or taking any type of transportation.

4) This weekend looks to be gorgeous..but I may be spending a good part of it inside sewing (see above) which actually makes me happy. Mostly though, I'm looking forward to buying a cadbury egg so I can celebrate the end of giving up candy for lent in style.

5) Work has been wild, but I've been told I can't talk about it. No, I haven't been sworn into the Human Resources Secret Agent Squad Division of the CIA. Not yet anyway (one can dream!). Disclaimer: as far as I know, they don't exist.

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Brenda said...

Way to go on the new bike and the trip to the Swiss Alps!

I'm sorry that your lungs are rebelling. Wishing you deep, productive breaths!