Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Weekend Roundup

Backpacking: A couple of friends decided to get a group together and go backpacking over the long weekend in West Virginia. 16 of us hiked in 7 miles (we took the wrong trail in) stayed two nights and then hiked 3.5 miles out on Monday. Absolutely Gorgeous, and a great time to be had by all. Completely chill trip, but then that's kind of nice sometimes.

Strep: My roommate Kelli, has had a cold for almost a month. I've been a little sick, but haven't gotten the full blown cold. She went to the Doctor initially, but didn't go again after the cold persisted.
Last night as I was lying in bed, Kelli came in asking for me to look in her mouth for spots on her tonsils. Needless to say, I'd be surprised if she tells me this evening that she doesn't have Strep Throat. After sleeping in the same tent as her for three nights, I think I'm coming down with it too, but I hope not. Darn these health professionals when they get sick.
Update: Kelli has strep and pink eye.

True Love. So Al and Tipper Gore are splitting? I don't have really strong feelings about either or as a couple, but it's still sad when couples call it quits. Especially after 40 years.

Fishing with Moses.

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Sparklebot said...

Poor Al and Tipper. They've been through so much together.