Monday, June 07, 2010

Weekend Update:

1) Four? I'm on antibiotics for strep and what I thought was bronchitis. However, I've been feeling worse and was running a temp. of 100 last night which leads me to think I've got a virus on top of the strep, possible bronchitis, and conjunctivitis.

2) I spent the weekend at our apartment watching movies and taking it easy. I finally watched "Crazy Heart" which actually exceeded my expectations. I 've always loved Jeff Bridges, but I forgot about my crush on his hair. The Dude always has nice hair (except when it's stringy because he's playing a drunk)

3) Forgiveness is good. However, this sign cracked me up.


Sparklebot said...

Damn. I hope you feel better soon. Sounds awful.

Brenda said...

Okay, the bike sign made me LAUGH! Thanks for starting my day off right.

I'm sorry you are sick. Here's to hoping that the antibiotic kills everything it can and that you recover from the viral at the same time!

adamf said...

I'm sending this pic to my nephew. His bike was stolen last week (it was also new) and he said on facebook, "I hope you DIE!" :)

Sherpa said...

Adam-That stinks about his bike, but yeah, it's a pretty great sign.

SJ said...

Daaaaaaaaamn, #3 was funny. I'm reposting this.