Friday, July 16, 2010

Recent Happenings

Here's a roundup of the things that have been happening the past couple of weeks:

Fourth of July (Observed): Kelli wasn't working on the 5th of July so when she finally arose from her bed, we decided to go play skeeball up at Dave and Buster's in Maryland since it was 100 degrees outside. I had to convince there wouldn't be much traffic (luckily there wasn't) and we had a great time up there at the arcade playing skee-ball, killing dinosaurs, racing horses, shooting moose, and racing NASCAR cars. Pretty much a redneck's dream 4th of July Celebration.

Afterwards, we stopped by the Capitol Hill neighborhood to get burgers at Good Stuff Eatery. The hype around this trendy burger joint is completely well-deserved. The veggie burger was the best I've had in the area, and the milkshakes are worth $5.00 a piece (and more than big enough to split). While we were eating outside watching the sun set on the Capitol Hill neighborhood, Kelli remarked, "I wish every day was the 4th of July.....Observed."

LDS Singles Conference: I’ve decided that the only way to get me to Church Single Adult Activities is to ask me to help plan…and even then I drag my feet a bit. 3 days (after registration closed) before our LDS Mid-Singles Conference I finally realized that because I was going to be help planning my weekend was going to be shot so therefore I should probably register. I’m a little slow. Anyway, Friday we had dinner at Red Curry in Old Town (Recommend this place) and then took the Cherry Blossom Steamboat out on the river for 3 hours* with 200+ of my closest single friends. There’s something about trapping 200 single adults on a boat for 3 hours* that makes for some interesting people watching, conversation and observations. Saturday I ended up spending the morning at the church and then we had a bbq that afternoon. Sunday was shortened church at GW Middle School in my neighborhood with lunch provided afterwards. Shortened church+free lunch=happy Sunday.

Avenue Q: Thursday, Kelli and I went to see Avenue Q. A spoof of Sesame Street with Gary Coleman as the Super of the apartments, it’s hilarious (and raunchy at time). We learned valuable lessons like “Everybody is a Racist” and the “The Internet is for Porn.” The show wasn’t over-the top crude all the time, and I’d recommend it to well, some people. That being said, I enjoyed the play, and it was definitely worth it to me.

Lung Surgery? In March, my pulmonologist started talking to me about Bronchial Thermoplasty procedure. I agreed to it, we got my information and sent it to my Insurance. On Thursday, I got a phone call saying I was scheduled for the first procedure….on Wednesday, if my insurance goes through. I haven’t heard yet if it’s been approved but if it is, I’ll be going in on Wednesday. Lung Surgery sounds much more dramatic than an outpatient procedure which is what Bronchial Thermoplasty is.

People with asthma and especially people with moderate-severe continuous asthma have continually small airways in the lungs because of the chronic inflammation of the lungs. When an attack happens to someone with asthma, the airways get even more constricted. Bronchial Thermoplasty opens up those airways permanently so when an attack happens, the airways don’t restrict as much as they did previously.

Bronchial Thermoplasty is an outpatient procedure where the patient is put under conscious sedation, and a little probe is put down their airways. At the appropriate times and locations, the probe shoots super heated air on the airways in the lungs making them larger. 3 procedures spaced 3 weeks apart are done and after that I’m finished. Almost all patients in the clinical study experienced a remarkable improvement and over 80% of patients in the study came off all of their asthma medications except for occasional use of albuterol.

Needless to say, it’s not an exaggeration to say that Bronchial Thermoplasty just may be life-changing....if my insurance approves it.

Happy Friday!

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Brenda said...

Here's to hoping for Lung Surgery; and yes, it does sound....dramatic.