Sunday, September 05, 2010

While Reading "Faith Preceds the Miracle"

I've been reading "Faith precedes the Miracle" by Spencer W. Kimball during my daily nebulizer treatments. Although the book reads quickly, it's turning into a bit of an albatross around my neck. The book's references are more dated than "Miracle of Forgiveness," and then there's President Kimball's admonition towards women. Although, I understand that a good part of President Kimball's belief is cultural, I was still a little surprised to read,
" You see Mary, it was never intended by the Lord that married women should compete with men in employment."
Although President Kimball does say in an earlier chapter that women may work in "emergencies," I was still a little taken aback to read those lines. I'm still trudging book this book, and have found some great passages-or at least decent lines, but there's probably a reason this book is out of print, while "Miracle of Forgiveness" is still available at a LDS bookstore near you.


Salt H2O said...

The teachings of Spencer W. Kimball is my favorite of the RS manuals, however I regard much of his teachings the same way I regard Brigham Young- with a big old grain of salt.

Probably right for the times (looking at what was happening with Roe v Wade and women not choosing to have a family AND a career but a career in lieu of a family)

I'm grateful for a church that believes in personal revelation- because if I was to follow Kimball's teachings from 1979, I'd be on meds, have a terrible marriage and be spending a fortune on therapy.

NoSurfGirl said...

Amazing how the gospel is full of conflicts? That can only be resolved one way--
personal revelation :)

Who knows. Maybe women were never INTENDED to compete because we're all supposed to be raising kids yada yada yada. Does that mean we're not GOOD at it when we do?

let's just say Women have been talented at competing for a very very long time.

that might be sexist. I don't know.