Friday, October 29, 2010

The Ghost of the Audrey 2!

I've been really lazy in posting things I've made on this blog. However here's a picture of Kelli's quilt. For her birthday I made the quilt top, but hadn't quite gotten around to sewing assembling it. The top isn't anything fancy, it's not meant to be-it's just 12 inch squares. The backing is just a sheet. However, it's super snuggly and I was hoping she didn't like the quilt so I could keep it. However, she informed me that she loves it.
Bonus: I made the floral pillow a couple of months ago. I don't love it, but it matches our house almost too well. I think I'm a little over this pillow mostly because it reminds me of our old couch and that's a little unsettling.


Sara said...

Joy, that floral pillow is almost a little Seymour-esque... ;)

Sherpa said...

It's like the Audrey II's distant cousin and frankly it creeps me out a bit. :)

Brenda said...

I like both the quilt and the pillow.