Friday, October 22, 2010

Family Ties

Have you ever had a really dumb thought that you know is just well, kind of inane? Well, this summer, I was wondering if my nose was from my mother's or my Dad's side as it doesn't really look like either. I know, it's just a dumb little thought, and now you know some of what goes on in my head.
Anyway, after our trip to Europe this summer, my little brother invited me to a Family History Facebook group for individuals who had family from the Diemtigen Valley of Switzerland. Since our great-grandmother's father's family is from there and our great-grandfather's family is from a valley near-by, I joined too. I'm still not sure totally where we tie into the others on the site (they are mostly Kunz's and there's ALOT of Kunzes.) But while on the site I found the picture below. My great-grandmother Sophia Rebecca Kunz Buhler is in the lower left of this picture with her siblings. I've never seen this picture before (and my nose question was answered).

I also came across this photo of my Great-Grandfather Buhler (Rebecca's husband). I'd never seen many photos of him, let alone one when he was a young man.


Brenda said...

Awesome! I love the photos and your nose.

NoSurfGirl said...

I don't think it's dumb. I feel the same way... wonder what physical pieces of me I inherited from people in black and white photos. I also wonder what pieces of my personality I inherited... that's the part of me I feel is alien in my family :)

My mom's bio mom died when she was 6. We have pictures of her now, but didn't for a while as my grandfather can't really talk or say much about her, it's too painful for him. Anyway... there were a few pictures that gave me some clues. I think it's a good piece of self-reflection... what we would be that is different from what they were, and what we would want to continue as well.