Friday, November 05, 2010

Having a Disability isn't your Worse Nightmare!

I picked up the November issue of Outside and started reading the magazine. I first read the article about the kid who was born without legs, and then looked at the cover. The more I thought about the front cover, I started to get really angry. If you can't read it below the cover says:

"Come back from your worst nightmare:
Lost at Sea
Raced to the Death
Attacked by the Taliban
Maced in the Pants
Born without Legs
Coated in Oil and
Okay, there's a problem there. Each of the scenarios above are similar except for one, "Born without Legs." What message is Outside Magazine presenting when they couch a handicap that someone is born with as a nightmare? In this day and age I thought a national respected magazine would be better than that, but I guess I was wrong.

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Steve said...

Also, are those in a bad to worst order or vice versa? I think Maced in the Pants is worse than Coated in Oil, but better than Lost at Sea or Kidnapped.