Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Jaws 2

Last night, Kelli and I watched Jaws 2 for the first time. I never saw it before, mostly because Jaws is a treasured childhood favorite and one of the greatest films of all time in my world. I didn't want to ruin the first film with the sequels. Well, on a whim, we watched it and wow. Talk about awesomely bad.
So many favorite scenes already. There's the whole Orca subplot in the first 20 minutes that's incredible. Then there's the helicopter "rescue scene," the teenage angst, the ending, the "shark riding" bit...and I could go on. So incredibly great.

Update on talking dog films: Okay fine, I'll concede the fact that the talking dog genre has some decent films out there-like maybe one every 15 years with one gem amongst them. Hmm..


plainoldsarah said...

awesomely bad? maybe, truthfully 1 and 2 blend in my memory and i have good memories of jaws. the one that i KNOW is really really really really bad is jaws 3. or was it 4? i don't know - it was the underwater theme park one. so when are you going to watch it?

Debra said...

Thanks to Netflix's instant queue, I recently saw Jaws 1-3 (we'll eventually get to 4). I agree that the 3rd one was the most absurd so far.